Scotiabank Scene Visa Credit Card Review

Today, I will be reviewing the Scotiabank Scene Visa credit card. This is a credit card that my girlfriend uses. Since she is an international student, she does not have sufficient credit history to obtain a better credit card. As usual, I will be discussing the pros, cons, and main takeaways of this credit card.

– No annual fees
– 1 scene point per $1 spent
– 5 scene points per $1 spent at Cineplex theatres or website
– Points Redemption: 1 free movie ticket per 1,250 points or $10 off participating restaurants per 1,000 points

As the name suggests, using this credit card will provide rewards for going to movies and select restaurants.


The Scotiabank Scene Visa credit card is good for teenagers and those looking to get their first credit card. People without strong or sufficient credit history can apply for this card and start to accumulate rewards toward movies and restaurants.


The rewards are restricted to only two categories, movies and restaurants. An adult movie ticket at Cineplex cost $14.50. To get one free movie ticket, you need to spend $1,250. Not only do you have to spend so much for a reward, you do not even get to choose what kind to receive.

Final thoughts:

Do not get this credit card unless you are getting your first-ever credit card or lack a strong credit history. Some avid movie-goes might think this card is appealing but really it is not. On average, you need to spend $1,250 to get enough points for a free movie ticket (retail value of $14.50). This equates to about a 1.16% restricted cash back reward rate. This cash back rate is pretty average but when you take into account its limitation to only Cineplex movies and discounts on select restaurants, it is not worth it. If you want to get “free” movie tickets, you are better off getting a regular cashback credit card. By doing so, you can use your cash back rewards not only on movies but anything else you want.

Photo Credits: Scotiabank

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