Mini Assignment #1: Create a Meme

For this assignment, I was tasked to create a meme that reflects this blog. My goal for this blog is to educate young adults and teens on the importance of financial stability and tips on becoming financially confident. As you can see on the meme, I (Buzz Lightyear) am introducing young adults and teens (Woody) to the world of Finance. Woody’s facial expression represents a lot of young adults and teens today. They are fearful and uncomfortable with this topic. Compared to our previous generations, we are not as educated and savvy with our finances. Our education system does not provide mandatory classes on “adult” topics such taxes, banking, mortgages and many more. This has led to many students graduating and not knowing anything about our financial system and the value of money. Through this blog, I hope to provide some tips for young adults and teens, and show them that managing your finances doesn’t have to be a scary thing.

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