Mini Assignment #2: Spider-man Guest Post

Hey everyone! It is your friendly neighbourhood Spider-man. I was invited by Lewis to provide some financial tips for young adults. As a maturing adult myself, I have been through periods of financial distress myself. I did not have the greatest conditions or support growing up. Asides from getting bullied a lot, I struggled financially. I had to work multiple jobs while maintaining my superhero duties. It is great to see someone like Lewis share simple yet meaningful financial tips that he obtained through his education and personal experiences. I know for one wished that I knew more about finance when I was younger. It is sad to see how our education system does not teach these kinds of things unless you specifically concentrate in finance. Regardless, today I want to stress the importance of diversification. Many people have heard of this word but what does it mean from a financial standpoint? To me, financial diversification means having various streams of income such that if one stream fails, you still have others to keep you afloat. This can be done through obtaining multiple jobs and investing. I suggest the latter and I believe Lewis will agree with me here. Even us superheroes need to make a living. You never know when one day you lose your superpowers/job. The world is changing so quickly nowadays, and the threat of AI and technology is real. Your job today may not exist tomorrow. This is why I advise that young adults learn and recognize the importance of diversification from an early age. Diversify by learning new skills to take on new jobs or learning to invest and creating a stream of passive income. The possibilities are endless, but it is always important to start from a young age.

Work smart and till next time, be well my friends.


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