Mini Assignment #6: Create a GIF

Our final mini assignment this semester requires us to create a gif. The gif I created is a clip from the movie “Fast Five“. Recently, I have been rewatching the Fast & Furious series. I stumbled across a scene from the end of Fast Five that inspired me to make this gif. As you can see in the gif, the actors are in awe seeing the amount of money that they were able to successfully steal. This picture reminds of society’s perception of millennials and their money. Our generation is viewed as less financially savvy than our predecessors. A huge percentage of us are living pay cheque to pay cheque. One of the reasons for our struggles is our spending habits. We spend and buy more “things” than ever. The clip represents how millennials are when they receive their pay cheque. Their eyes widen and they begin to think of what they want to buy or spend on instead of thinking how to save it or invest it for the future.

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