Peer Review #1: Masked Retail

Today, I have to honour of reviewing one of my classmate’s website, Masked Retail. I will be analyzing the site’s content, visuals, and usability. Keep in mind that my analysis is based on the status of the website as of October 11th, 2020. Changes and edits made after this date will not be included.

My first impression of your website is that it is very user-friendly. The menus are on-point and your posts are easy to find and navigate. The use of categories allowed for easy filtering between process posts, blog posts, and many more. The brief description that you included on the homepage welcomed your audience and conveyed the theme of your website. The choice of using a white background and the management of empty space created a minimalist design that made it easy on the eyes.

Your content aligns with the topics discussed in class and you made good use of links to refer to external resources. Your blog posts were written in such a way that as a reader, I feel like I am working at the mall and going through your experiences. With all the health precautions in place due to the pandemic, it is intriguing to see the point of view of someone who works on the front lines. A lot of people still do not follow the rules such as wearing masks and practising social distancing and I enjoy reading about your experience in dealing with these situations.

I personally found a lot of content that I can apply to my own website. I was especially impressed with your contact page. The contact form is easy to fill out for people who want to reach out. I did not think of this and on my website, I only left my email. It definitely does not look as professional and I will certainly be incorporating this function on my site in the future.

One critique that I have related to your website is the layout of your posts. Currently, your posts are in a full list form. While this works well at the moment, as you accumulate more posts, it will become difficult for people to access your older posts. People will have to scroll down quite a bit to get to your older posts. There are many ways to solve this. I suggest creating summary blocks/tiles. By doing so, you can minimize the amount of scrolling and provide a preview of your post. I found a video that teaches how to implement this function through the use of a plugin. I was lucky that this function is already implemented in my WordPress theme.

In conclusion, you did an amazing job on your website. I can tell that a lot of time and effort was put into both the content and visual side. I can confidently say that I learned a lot and will be incorporating many new findings into my own website. I am excited to see the progression that you will be making as the semester continues.

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