Peer Review #2: slayer willow

This week, I had the pleasure of review my classmate’s website “slayer willow”. I will be analyzing the site’s theme, usability, layout and overall design decisions. Quick note that my review is based on the status of the website as of October 25th, 2020. Any changes made after this date will not be include in this analysis.

Right off the bat, as I land onto your website, the homepage tells me what the theme of your site is about. You put a sequence of photos and posts right above the fold which allows the audience to immediately get a sense of what to expect. Your choice of gray as the main colour scheme makes it easy on the eyes and the overall minimalist design is very user friendly. On the top right, your social media accounts are readily accessible for the audience. Your social media accounts are properly linked and takes your audience to the respective platforms. You made good use of the “Goodreads” plugin to provide your audience with quick access to your favourite reads. I personally really liked the sticky menu function. As you scroll down, the menu is still accessible on the top. This makes it even easier for the audience to navigate between menus. I look forward to adding that function to my own website and I found a video that teaches me how to do so.

A critique that I have is regarding the menu options. First of all, the “Video” menu is empty. I understand that it could be a place marker at the moment. However, I suggest taking it down until you have content there. By doing so, you avoid having your audience click onto an empty page. Same goes with the “Class Assignments” menu. The submenus such as process posts and mini assignments are properly categorized with content. However, when I click “Class Assignments”, nothing is found. To fix this, I suggest tagging all your essays, mini assignments, peer reviews, and process posts with the “Class Assignments” category. That way, your audience will avoid clicking onto an empty page and can see all your consolidated class assignments in one area while having the ability to sort through your posts through the submenus.

Overall, your website is clean and easy to navigate. Asides from some of the empty menu pages, I believe there is not many issues with your website. You added some effective functions such as the sticky menu and Goodreads plugin that further adds to the user experience. I will definitely be looking to incorporate some of your features onto my website and I look forward to seeing your progression as the semester continues.

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