Peer Review #3: Peng’s Photos

This week, I had the opportunity to review my classmate’s website “Capturing Life/Peng’s Photos”. It is a website based around tips on taking better photographs. My review is based on the website’s content as of November 16th, 2020. Any changes made after this date will be not reflected in this review.

Immediately, upon landing on your webpage, I can tell that you went for a minimalist design. Your website has a lot of white space which makes it easy on the eyes. This limits any unnecessary distractions and places heavier focus on your main content. With the white space, it also creates opportunities to monetize and market to your audience. We learned from Trevor Battye’s guest presentation this week that you can put advertisements on the side of your pages without it being too intrusive. Should you decide, you can definitely look to monetize your website and have some advertisements on the side. For your posts, you provided lots of meaningful advice for your audience on how to take unique photos. I like how you are so meticulous by providing measurements and angles in your instructions. I know your audience will appreciate the lengths you are taking to teach them about photography.

As for critiques, I think your website needs some work on the usability side. I noticed that you do not have sub menus (ex. mini-assignments, process posts, essays, etc..). Without sub menus, it makes it difficult for your audience to easily navigate your content. Remember the importance of first impressions. You want your website to be easy to navigate. If not, your audience will get frustrated and leave. To create sub menus, I suggest you follow the video here. Additionally, I suggest that you have a short introduction on your home page. Currently you have your home page set as recent posts. While this allows your audience to easily access your content, I believe having an introduction will make them feel welcomed while getting a better sense of what you can provide.

In all, your website is very well-rounded and appeals to photography lovers. However, I believe that you can make some tweaks as discussed to further market and engage with your audience and make their experience better. I enjoyed reviewing your website and I look forward to seeing your progress as the semester continues.

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