Above I have my vision board that provides a sense of the direction I want to take my website. I decided to use a mix of words and abstract photos to convey my point. There are words such as “simplicity” and “sincere”. Those words represent the style of my website. It is a platform that will be easy to use with content that is direct and to the point. There are photos that represent the theme of my blog. I am creating a blog with the focus of providing financial tips for young adults and teens. You can see photos of distressed and relaxed individuals. My goal is to educate the stressed in hopes that they can feel more confident about their finances. Through the use of a vision board, I am able to narrow down some of the ideas that I had in mind. Normally, like how people review movies, I was planning to start a series where I analyze a certain stock each week. Upon further planning and brainstorming, I decided to stay broad and instead focus on general topics such financial instruments and concepts of saving and investing. By doing so, I can reach a broader audience and create content that everyone can use and understand.

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