Week 10: Google Analytics Analysis

Today, I am going to go over some statistics that Google Analytics provided about my website. Google Analytics is an amazing add-on service that provide users with information about their audience. Many businesses use Google Analytics as a way to grow their user base and expand in key markets.

The first picture you see is an overview of my website’s traffic. As you can see, I do not have many actives users nor do they stay on my website for a long period of time. As expected, most of the users are my classmates. I also noticed that session duration is higher during weeks with a peer review assignment. The peer review assignment requires a student to take their time and navigate the site carefully to form a solid critique. As discussed in class, a bounce rate less than 50% is considered good. At a bounce rate of 40%, my website is doing well in that regard. Over the next couple of weeks, I will look at ways to bring up the users count. I am thinking of plugging the website on my socials as a way to generate some interest outside of class.

Next, we have a breakdown of my users by age group. As you can see, majority of the visitors are below 35 years old. This is perfect as my target audience are young adults and it means that my content is able to properly reach them. Knowing this, I will continue to provide content that I think will be beneficial for their financial success.

Here we have a breakdown of my users by country. it is interesting to see that 20% of my audience is from China. My last name “Chiang” is Chinese and therefore, some people from China possibly stumbled across my website. Unfortunately, my Chinese is not proficient enough for me to create content tailored to their needs. I am not familiar with the banking system in China and other Asian countries.

In all, Google Analytics is a great way to learn more about your audience and where to focus your efforts. Although I only recently started using Google Analytics, I have already learned so much such as where my audience is from, how much time are they spending on my website, which pages are most popular, and many more. With the remaining weeks of the semester, I will be certain to continue playing with Google Analytics and seeing what other useful information I can extract from it.

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