Week 2: Blog Set-up and Installation

This week, I was assigned to talk about the installation process for my blog. I have never made a website or blog before, so this is all new to me. After playing around with the WordPress themes this past week, I ended up choosing this Jetblack theme. This theme creates a professional mood that matches the topic of business/finance. As a finance student, we are not known for our creativity. Our work usually revolves around numbers and Excel spreadsheets, therefore, my visual goal for this blog is to keep it simple and easy to read. I want my audience to easily navigate all my content without getting lost or frustrated. The Jetblack theme checks all those boxes with its simple yet bold visuals and its easy-to-use navigation menu and linking.

I mainly learned how to use WordPress through trial and error. I spent countless hours playing with the themes, categories, and menus. Asides from trying on my own, I also resorted to various Youtube videos especially for more complex linking and WordPress backend navigation. I strongly suggest checking out a Youtuber called Tyler Moore when creating a WordPress website. Many of his videos are informative and to the point.

Relating to my vision board, my blog is beginning to become an amazing framework to share the content and direction I have. The words “Simplicity and Sincere” from my vision board are beginning to show on my blog. It is becoming a platform that is simple to use and provides direct content to the audience. Now that the main framework is complete, over the next few weeks, I will put more focus on the other aspects of my vision board including the education and navigation of financial content.

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