Week 5: Peer Review Reflection

This week, I will be talking about my classmate’s review of my website. Their review can be accessed here. First of all, I want to thank my classmate for conducting such an intensive review of my website. I was able to incorporate a lot of the feedback and made some changes to my website already.


My classmate liked my Jetblack WordPress theme. The theme projects a professional mood and easy-to-navigate menus. I was also praised for my content posts. My posts incorporated relevant links and featured images. Most importantly, the content is easy to understand even for non-finance/business students. I appreciate the kind words that my classmate provided. From the beginning, I placed a strong emphasis on usability. I want to make sure that the site was easy to navigate, and the content is easy to understand. My target audience are young adults. They most likely do not have years of experience in finance and therefore, I avoided complex financial terms and concepts.


Based on my classmate’s feedback, my main struggles come in the form of grammar. Having grammar mistakes can affect the professionalism of a website. It was noted that my posts contain a lot of grammatical errors. I looked back myself and did indeed find some errors here and there. I have been so focused on brainstorming and getting my content out that I have neglected proofreading. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be going through all my posts to ensure they are free of grammatical errors.

Areas of Improvement/Suggestions:

As for areas of improvements, my classmate suggested that I rework my home page and contact page. Currently my home page consists of my latest posts and my contact page consists of my email. My classmate suggested that my home page should instead include a description of what my website will talk about and the contact page should include an electronic form. Upon hearing about this suggestion, I immediately made changes to those pages. My home page now has a brief description of the direction that I will be taking website. As for my contact page, I added an electronic form from WPForms as recommended. These changes have further added to the level of professionalism that I want my website to convey.

Final Thoughts:

In all, I am very appreciative of the feedback that I have received. As mentioned, creating a website is completely new to me and all feedback is welcomed. As the semester progresses, I will continue to refine my website until I get a finished product that I am happy with.

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