What audience have you been imagining thus far? How has that imagined audience informed your design and editorial decisions?

As my tagline suggests, I imagine my audience to be young adults. In particular, I am talking about young adults that have just graduated from high school. Most high school education does not include topics such as financial planning in the curriculum. As a result, many students graduate without knowing much about real world finance such as banking, credit cards, and investing. I have followed closely our generation’s financial struggle in the society. Asides from rising rent/house prices and lower wages, our generation is simply bad with money. Through my blog, I look to fill that void using my personal experiences and my education in the BBA program at SFU.

As with any blog or pieces of writing, I want my posts to be easy to read. I used a minimalist design to avoid any unnecessary clutter. I cut out unnecessary photos and graphs that distract the human eye. For language, I tried to use plain, everyday language. As my audience include young adults with little to no financial experience, I avoided complex finance terms. I recall watching a Ted Talk by Tristan Harris called “How a handful of tech companies control billions of minds every day”. During his speech, Tristan talks about how social media companies are fighting for our attention. Because of their fight and technology, our generation has the shortest average attention span ever. I took this to heart when creating my posts. Due to shorter attention spans of our generation, I tried to keep my posts short and direct. I want to make sure that during the little time an audience member takes to read my post, they can learn something new.

Unlike fictional content, finance is something that is serious and has real life implications. This is why I wanted to stress the importance of professionalism on my blog. To convey professionalism, I used the Jetblack WordPress design. This use of black and dark shades in this design portrayed a serious, down to business tone.  

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