Week 8: Peer Review Reflection #2

This week, I got the opportunity to reflect on my classmate’s review of my website. My classmate, slayerwillow’s, review of my website can be accessed here.

The Good

My classmate really liked my theme of choice. It portrays professionalism and all the content is neatly organized and readily accessible. I am also glad to hear that my font choice is well accepted, and my content is easily legible. One concern I had was legibility. I was worried that the dark theme made it difficult to see and read. It is good to hear that people are not struggling to read my posts. My classmate also enjoyed my website’s interface. It made navigating between posts very easy. The menus were properly linked, and the search bar allowed for customized searches.

Areas of Improvement

My classmate suggests that to further improve usability, I should add an archives menu on both the Posiel and Blog pages. That way, people can be reminded of how much content is available on the site. While I agree with that suggestion, my theme limits where I can put the archives widget. I tried putting the archive menu on those pages, but it appears on all pages resulting in 2 archives menus on the main page. I will try to see if there is a plugin that I can use to fix this. My classmate also suggested that I have a revolving sequence of images on my pages. Currently, all my pages have the same main picture (a gentleman holding a mug). To make the pages more dynamic, I should have different pictures for each main page. I totally agree with my classmate that having different pictures will make my website less dull, however, there are limitation to this. My theme does not allow me to choose different pictures for each page. Once again, I will continue to look for plugins that can hopefully address this issue.


Overall, I am very appreciative of my classmate’s feedback. I am happy to hear that she enjoys the overall content and usability of my website. Over the next few weeks, I will do my best to find solutions for the suggestions that she made regarding the background image and archive menus.

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